May 7, 2014


We often get questions about our logotype.

logo1 The symbol is the Greek letter t (pronounced tau). It is used to symbolize the total, ie the total of any one is interested, for example, sum of the production of a particular commodity in Sweden.


logo2 In statistical inference distinguishes between the true value and the estimated value. The estimated value is the value to guess at, for example by measure a sample. The estimated value is denoted by a caret (ceiling) above the quantity estimated. tau hat therefore means the estimated total.


logo3 The ring that tau hat comes out represents the target population being studied, such as Population or the employees of a particular company.


Our logotype is a registered trademark.

May 2, 2014


May 2, 2014


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May 2, 2014

Industrial statistics

Within industry, statistical methods are primarily used for development,
testing, process control, process analysis as well as quality management
and quality development. The methods involved are drawn from a wide
range of subject areas therefore requiring a knowledge of, among other
things, experimental planning, record analysis, SPC, capability, etc. in
order to be able to apply the correct speciality to industrial applications.

The requirement for specific statistical skills is particularly great within
the Six Sigma quality system and the application of LEAN.
Statistikkonsulterna has worked extensively with projects in these areas.

Experimental planning is aimed at optimising design and analysis so that
a test can give the desired conclusions with high precision while
minimizing cost and time outlay.

SPC is used to continuously monitor processes in, for example, the
manufacturing industry, to warn when an unwanted or unexpected
change occurs.

Statistikkonsulterna has expertise in the required areas and therefore
can comprehensively address all relevant enquiries.

  • Experimental planning
  • Verification
  • Segmentation
  • Capability
  • Associated analysis of datasets
  • Stochastic simulation
  • Spatial statistics
  • Analyses of production and logistics

Business area manager
Magnus Pettersson
Phone: 031-7037377
Email: magnus.pettersson

May 2, 2014

Life Science

We are turning towards pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and research groups within technical colleges/universities.

  • Pre-clinical trials
  • Clinical trials
  • Epidemiology
  • Product testing
  • Verification
  • Quality control


Magnus Pettersson
Tel: 031-7037377
E-mail: magnus.pettersson

May 2, 2014

Survey / Society

In this field of business, we work to implement various types of research. These include:

  • Opinion polls
  • Market research
  • Staff surveys
  • Patient surveys
  • Tenant Surveys
  • Analysis and data mining of internal data – customer databases, sales data, etc.

Through the years, we have acquired great experience of customers’ needs and problems in these areas. To this, we add our expertise in survey methodology, which means that the client receives conclusions that can truly be trusted.

Over and above this, we strive to provide consultancy advice in this area. Examples of such query subjects are:

  • Design and testing of questionnaires
  • Selection of methods and sample design
  • Advice on statistical analysis methods
  • Help with carrying out statistical analysis
  • Evaluation and quality assurance of surveys
May 2, 2014

Our Services

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May 2, 2014


Our co-workers are our greatest asset!

Currently we have 15 emplyees. All our statisticians have degrees in statistics, in certain cases even research training, but with different specializations. Do you want to know more about each of them you can click you way under personell.
To meet demands by heavy work loads, speciall assignments and future recruitment we also have a consultant group consisting of people with relevant skills. They are both statisticians and other. Please click onward under consultant group for more information.

Our employees can be reached by e-mail according to:

May 2, 2014

Contact us

Gårdavägen 1
412 50 Göteborg
Tel: 031-703 73 70
Fax: 031-703 73 71
General contact information
We can all be reached by e-mail according to:
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May 2, 2014


Our vision is to create a competence center with a statistical profile in the borderland between university and industry. This is why we always seek contact with people with skills in different areas. As we seek to attract interesting clients and projects, we also want to create a good environment for people with relevant knowledge. Do you want to become one of us?

Some current areas are:

  • Statistics/mathematical statistics
  • Market analysis/marketing
  • Quality control
  • Data mining/database management
  • Behavioural science (customer relations/question design)

We value pedagogical skill and the ability to generalize. That is, the ability to use Your special skill in cooperation with other specialists is of paramount importance.

Experience from having your own business is a plus. Your can expect that everyone needs a bit of a contractor in them. This means that everyone needs to take responsibility for project managment, customer relations, marketing etc.

Do you have a newly started business, a good idea, an idea for a project, a good customer relation? In that case we can offer you an environment where you can get a flying start to your project. Contact us!

The work can advantageously be combined with other work or studies/research.

You are welcome to send your application and CV to:

Statistikkonsulterna Jostat & Mr Sample AB
Att: Magnus Pettersson
Gårdavägen 1
412 50 Göteborg

May 2, 2014

Business idea


… is a knowledge company with its roots in Gothenburg University. Our business idea is to use and supply statistical methodology.

… combines cooperation, cutting edge competence, teaching skills and flexibility to achieve superior quality.

… cooperates with researchers and specialists at universities and the industry in a learning process where the customer takes part.

May 2, 2014

About us

Statistikkonsulterna Jostat & Mr Sample AB
is a statistical competence center, active in the borderland between industry and university. Our work consists of applying advanced methodology in surveys and we strive for greater awareness of statistical considerations. We know that this improves the quality of both surveys and the foundation for decisions.

May 2, 2014


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May 2, 2014


Home page

May 2, 2014

Our customers

Our customers
Statistikkonsulterna Jostat & Mr Sample AB has over the years worked together with a large number of customers, some of these are now framework agreement customers to Statistikkonsulterna AB

Our customers

  • SCA
  • Dentsply
  • AB Volvo
  • Volvo Cars
  • NEVS
  • CEVT
  • GKN
  • AstraZeneca
  • RiR

Customers Statistikkonsulterna AB regularly cooperates with:

  • Chalmersfastigheter
  • Förbo
  • Willhem
  • Sandholm Associates
May 2, 2014

Training and courses

Statistikkonsulterna offer courses and training combined with consulting in all our range of services. Our employees have many years of experience in teaching at universities and colleges as well as more customized courses and seminars for businesses and organizations. Contact us for further information.

Business Area Manager

Magnus Pettersson
Tel: 031-7037377
Epost: magnus.pettersson

May 2, 2014


Statistikkonsulterna Jostat & Mr Sample AB operates in an environment where networks are of great importants.These includes, in addition to our customers , good contact with colleges and universities in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia.

We are members of the following organizations:

Medicon Valley Alliance
European Network for Business and Industry Statistics (ENBIS)
Svenska förbundet för kvalitet SFK-StaM, Sektionen för statistisk
Svenska Statistikfrämjandet
Industriell statistik

May 2, 2014

Our partners

Statistikkonsulterna Jostat & Mr Sample AB is a part of Netgroup Egineering – a network of companies that supply services to the automotive industry. Statistikkonsulterna is helping to strengthen the capacity of statistical consultation.





January 18, 2018

Biostatistiker sökes

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