Our vision is to create a competence center with a statistical profile in the borderland between university and industry. This is why we always seek contact with people with skills in different areas. As we seek to attract interesting clients and projects, we also want to create a good environment for people with relevant knowledge. Do you want to become one of us?

Some current areas are:

  • Statistics/mathematical statistics
  • Market analysis/marketing
  • Quality control
  • Data mining/database management
  • Behavioural science (customer relations/question design)

We value pedagogical skill and the ability to generalize. That is, the ability to use Your special skill in cooperation with other specialists is of paramount importance.

Experience from having your own business is a plus. Your can expect that everyone needs a bit of a contractor in them. This means that everyone needs to take responsibility for project managment, customer relations, marketing etc.

Do you have a newly started business, a good idea, an idea for a project, a good customer relation? In that case we can offer you an environment where you can get a flying start to your project. Contact us!

The work can advantageously be combined with other work or studies/research.

You are welcome to send your application and CV to:

Statistikkonsulterna Jostat & Mr Sample AB
Att: Magnus Pettersson
Gårdavägen 1
412 50 Göteborg